Do you want to sing in Spanish? Latin jazz, classical, pop, tango, folk or hiphop? The pronunciation and the style will be yours!

I offer teaching and coaching at every level, from amateur to professional. Whatever your level, I can assist you to perfect your performance.

There is so much wonderful repertoire to explore. Not only Spain, but Argentina, Bolivia, Peru! From these countries also comes music in native American languages, such as Quichua and Aymara. I am fluent in these native languages, and know much music written from these precious indigenous cultures.

I can assist you with every aspect of your performance. I can help you choose the music you want to sing, and we can work on many aspects of your project to make it sound wonderful.

I can help you with authentic pronunciation and diction, so you will sing like a native. Also, we can work in any style you want, early, classical, jazz, tango, pop, folk, or hiphop and I can help you to achieve a really authentic hispanic style in your performance.